Donations and Sponsorships

When making a donation or sponsorship request please keep the following points in mind:
  • Sponsorships and Donations are typically requests for the support of special events and/or promotional materials and media for events. Requests that are for $1000 or more, are for special projects or the purchase of substantial items, should be submitted as a TCT Project Assistance Grant. Please access the online grant application by clicking here.
  • TCT’s donation budget is set annually so, the earlier requests are submitted the more likely they are to be considered. (requests made less than 2 weeks prior to event date are unlikely to be considered)
  • It is NOT TCT’s practice to give to individuals, or causes that benefit one or few individual(s).
  • Donations must be made through non-profit groups that work to benefit TCT’s service areas. Documentation maybe requested by TCT prior to making a donation.
  • If you make a sponsorship request TCT may ask for documentation of the advertising materials used to recognize the sponsorship.

We ask that all requests be done online. If you cannot complete the online form, please ask that one be sent to you by mail by contacting Angie Schwerdtfeger at 620-767-5153 or 1-800-362-2576.


Donation and Sponsorship Request Form

Please provide the following information.
  • Please indicate above which TCT Exchange Area(s) will benefit from sponsorship/donation: 257 - 349 - 366 - 466 - 479 - 482 - 497 - 598 - 767 - 787 - 924 - 949 - 965 - 983
  • Is there an age group or population that will benefit from this event/project?