TCT Board of Director Information

TCT Celebrates 55th Annual Meeting of Members

The 55th Annual Meeting of Members for Tri-County Telephone Association, Inc. (TCT) was held Tuesday, March 27th at the Herington Community Building. 208 voting members attended the event.

Following the meal members viewed a video presentation by Council Grove High School student, RaeLyn Scott, about her participation in the Foundation for Rural Service Youth Tour of Washington D.C., in June 2017.

After the presentation, Board Vice-President Randy Parker presented the 2018 TCT Scholarship awards to area students. Scholarship winners were: District #1 – Nichole Patry, a senior at Council Grove High School, the daughter of Josh and Marlene Patry; District #2 – Katrina Basore, a senior at Centre High School, daughter of Richard and Angela Basore; District #3 – Austin Peterson, a senior at Centre High School, son of Amber Peterson; District #4 – Logan Wiley, a senior at Chapman High School, daughter of Shawna Wiley; District #5 – Armando Mascote, a senior at Council Grove High School, son of Armando and Mariclea Mascote, and District At Large – Treyse King, a senior at Council Grove High School, son of Tim and Shilo King. Scholarships are given to graduating high school seniors, who maintain a 2.5 GPA and have a parent or legal guardian with TCT local telephone access. A $1,000 scholarship is awarded for each of the five TCT voting districts in addition to one “District At Large” scholarship from all remaining applications.

TCT Board of Directors President, Shawn Tiffany opened the business meeting and Rob Bresnahan, of BKD, LLP gave the financial report. Tiffany then gave the President’s report. Following the President’s report was the manager’s report, given by TCT C.E.O.; Dale Jones. In his presentation Mr. Jones updated members on TCTTV programing costs and the company’s acquisition of Friesen Technologies. Jones also updated the members on TCT’s partnership with Nex-Tech Wireless, and the adoption of an Order and Notice from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that will provide a one-time disbursement of $180 Million dollars in funding to mitigate the effect of the budget control mechanism that was implemented by the prior FCC Commissoners.

The Board election results were then announced by Mr. Bresnahan. The Members re-elected Randy Parker to represent District #1, Larry Johnson to represent District #2 and Luke Wingerd to represent District #3.  Elections were held by mail in ballot. Following the announcement of the election results President Tiffany called for any unfinished business and new business, but there was none.

TCT Marketing Director, Scott Bankes, announced the winners of the prize drawings. Cash prizes totaling $1,150 were awarded, along with a 40” LED TV, donated by Alan Meier of Meier & Meier, LLC. The TV winner was Lloyd Sklenar. $20 cash prize winners were: June Morrison, Jim Peterson, Francis Jirak, Joe Buchanan, Robbie Riedy, Don McMahan, Randy Svitak, Andrew Carlson, David Mork, and Ramona Beisel. $50 cash prize winners were: Doris Sly, John Vinduska, Ralph Stroda, Darrell Swinney, David Mueller, Rodney Wilson, Louis Kaiser, Jean Ecklund, Walt Dietrich, Trent Hajek, and Michelle Hajek. $100 cash prize winners were: Jean Stuchlik and Deloris Fisher. The $200 cash prize winner was Eldon Wuthnow.

Board President Shawn Tiffany adjourned the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.